Hello Everyone!

Hi! My name is Elana and I’m the intern for this site. I’m very excited to engage with the chronic pelvic pain community and learn more about it. Since I’m new to this community, I wanted to briefly introduce myself to you all. I’m just starting my junior year of university and am studying microbiology and anthropology. I’m currently aiming to go to medical school and am kept pretty busy thanks to that goal. When I do have some free time, I like to read and draw.

We’re glad you joined this new community as it starts up, gathers members, and grows. We’ve had requests from several people for a community for women who suffer from one of the conditions that are the source of chronic pelvic pain, and this, we’re happy to say, is the result.

I’m sending this welcome thread out to all of the members we have now, in the hopes that they will spread the word and encourage others who they know are suffering as well, to join and support each other.

Members, please spread the word that there’s now a safe, supportive, private and non-commercial site where women with pelvic pain can gather, share and support each other. Here are some links to the most important pages to check out:

Our umbrella organization, Ben’s Friends
The home page for this community (soon to get a glamour makeover)
Elana’s profile (which you can also see by clicking on her avatar – same for all members)

If you’re reading this, why not drop into this thread and say hello? We pride ourselves on being safe and supportive: although our posts can be read by the public, they do not reveal your identity (unless you choose to). Only other members can see your profile.

This is our safe and supportive place! Please join us!

Seenie from Modsupport

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